Android Mobile Apps Security

Malware is an ever present issue on our computers, but how should we be avoiding malware in android mobile apps and increasing android mobile apps security.

Android Mobile Apps Security

Android Mobile Apps Security

There has been a significant increase in the emergence of demands for the smartphones as well as tablets in the international market. This shows the importance that users are giving to the gadgets in their everyday lives. It’s an era in which users can get the information regarding anything with just the click of a button. The fact is that as the demand for the gadgets that includes smartphones as well as tablets increases, the possibility of malware threats are also on the rise.

One of the main targets is the ever growing Android mobile apps which have revolutionalized the integration of the operating system of the emerging smartphone platform with that of an open eco system that enhance the users with the ability in purchasing apps from diverse repositories. The malware threat, and the issue of overall android mobile apps security, is posing a great challenge even for tech majors like Apple who have developed a walled garden in order to avoid the malware threat but the analysts have pointed out that Apple App store still has its weaknesses which makes it still vulnerable to malware.

There are a number of precautions that the users can take in order to avoid Malware and increase Android Mobile Apps Security, and these include;

  • Awareness.
  • Doing Homework.
  • Checking of the sources.
  • Watching the permissions.
  • Using Anti-Malware.

Let’s discuss android mobile apps security in a bit more depth –


As of now, Malware has les significance in the mobile apps that currently exists in the international market since Malware is increasingly getting affected in the personal computers especially the computers that are Windows based. The only precaution the user has to take from their side is that be aware that Malware exists and it can affect your mobile apps too at some point of time. The possibility of malware in mobile apps cannot be unseen taking in to consideration the huge demand as well as usage of Android mobile apps in the smartphones as well as tablets.

Doing Homework:

Before the downloading of an app, please try to get some sort of basic information regarding what the user is about to establish. Expert opinions from friends or relatives as well as from social networking sites are always appreciated. It is mainly true as far as the proverb “Look before you Leap” is concerned.

Checking of the sources:

Checking the sources is considered to be one of the most important steps that the users have to take notice while downloading an app. For Apple based iOS, Jail Breaking has to be done if the user wishes to introduce a third party app. But comparatively the fact is that Android is an open source mobile apps development platform that has the capability to accept any sort of third party apps. Some of the safest source as far as the mobile apps development platform is concerned includes the presence of;

  • Google Android Market.
  • Amazon App Store.

Please make sure that the users deselect the unknown sources option that is present in the Android mobile apps settings.

Watching the permissions:

Users should understand the fact that most of the existing mobile apps request the mobile operating system for access to the core functions as well as services of the device. The users will have to read and understand the conditions before blindly accepting them.

Using Anti-Malware:

This is one of the best options that the users can opt for, McAfee being the most sought after anti-malware software. The fact is that anti-malware softwares like McAfee provide the users with satisfaction by detecting and identifying any sort of threats in your Android mobile apps.

Take the above tips into consideration when using apps for an improvement in your android mobile apps security.


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