Mobile App Development Market in 2011

The mobile app development market skyrocketed in 2011 to reach a staggering $20.5 billion. This amount was in fact triple that of the mobile app content market.
Learn just some of the amazing statistics and details of the growth in mobile app development in the past 12 months.

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The following article provides up to date […]


Google Mobile Device Management Software – Just Released

Google mobile device management software

News – Google Introduces Mobile Device Management Software.
This software is for the management of google apps and is suitable for users of Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. This means that managing Google Apps for Business, Government, and Education on Android, iOS, and Windows devices just got a whole lot easier. With this mobile device management […]


Amazon Kindle Fire Changes Dynamics of Mobile Apps


The release and popularity of the Amazon Kindle Fire changes dynamics of mobile apps development. This week’s Appcelerator and IDC’s Q4 Mobile Developer Report indicated an incredibly strong developer support for the Amazon Kindle Fire. Having developer support is a critical component as mobile app development moves forward, as well as developer enthusiasm being a […]


Mobile App Developers Find Goldmine in Amazon Kindle Fire

Mobile App Developers Find Goldmine In Amazon Kindle Fire

According to a new survey undertaken by Appcelerator, results show mobile app developers find goldmine in Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.
Check out the tablet here – Kindle Fire, Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi
The Amazon Kindle Fire has been a huge success in the android tablet market, and users of this device are accustomed to spending […]


Mobile App Development Training Launched By Denim Group

Mobile App Development Training

The Denim Group, the leading software development company, has launched the industry’s first e-learning course for mobile app development training in the form of e-learning through ThreadStrong, the company’s learning platform which focuses on mobile application development.
In a press release distributed on November 14, the Denim Group outlined the specifics of this upcoming training:

Denim Group […]


Mobile Apps Business Development To Generate $150 Billion

mobile apps business development

The news in the Mobile apps business development arena, according to a market study from Mountain Lakes-based Insight Research Corp,  forecast that the use of mobile apps for business is expected to generate more than $150 billion over the next six years.
The development and use of mobile apps for business now covers such a plethora […]


Adobe Withdraws From Flash For Mobile Browsers


Is Flash on Mobile Browsers Disappearing?
We ask the question whether flash on mobile browsers will continue to develop as latest news reveals Adobe’s decision to throw in the towel with getting Flash to run on mobile devices, after a years-long battle with Apple over the validity of Flash vs. HTML 5.
In a recent post on […]


Privacy Policy For Mobile Apps Coming

privacy policy for mobile app developers

With the many thousands of apps being developed and distributed these days, many have omitted the privacy policy aspect.
Users of these mobile apps need to feel secure that their personal details are handled with the care required.
“Internet privacy solutions provider TRUSTe is concerned that mobile apps do not have built-in privacy solutions. TRUSTe claims that […]


New Technologies In Cloud and Mobile Devices Converging

Cloud Computing

Applications driven from the “cloud” and not from the handheld device itself, otherwise referred to as mobile cloud computing, is now becoming a vital part of the business arena. With this is mind, it is time to decide if your company wants to move forward in this way, and if so, is it positioned to […]


Content Publishers Take On Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps For Content Publishers

As more and more portable devices reach the market, content publishers are increasingly aware of the need to distribute their content on digital platforms. Users of these portable devices hunger for content they can consume with ther iPhone, tablet or smartphone, and to this end, more and more of the ‘old school’ content providers such […]


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