Adobe Withdraws From Flash For Mobile Browsers


Is Flash on Mobile Browsers Disappearing?
We ask the question whether flash on mobile browsers will continue to develop as latest news reveals Adobe’s decision to throw in the towel with getting Flash to run on mobile devices, after a years-long battle with Apple over the validity of Flash vs. HTML 5.
In a recent post on […]


HTML5 Mobile App Builder Strobe Joins Facebook

Mobile App Builder Strobe Joins Facebook

Facebook Acquired HTML5 Mobile App Builder
Facebook, the world’s largest and most popular social network has recently acquired Strobe, the HTML5 mobile app builder and developer. This acquisition should result in an even stronger HTML5 Facebook experience on mobile devices.
Confirming the deal on its blog, the Strobe Team announced:

Mobile App Builder Strobe Unites With Facebook
Strobe was founded […]


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