Mobile App Development Market in 2011

The mobile app development market skyrocketed in 2011 to reach a staggering $20.5 billion. This amount was in fact triple that of the mobile app content market.
Learn just some of the amazing statistics and details of the growth in mobile app development in the past 12 months.

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The following article provides up to date […]


Amazon Kindle Fire Changes Dynamics of Mobile Apps


The release and popularity of the Amazon Kindle Fire changes dynamics of mobile apps development. This week’s Appcelerator and IDC’s Q4 Mobile Developer Report indicated an incredibly strong developer support for the Amazon Kindle Fire. Having developer support is a critical component as mobile app development moves forward, as well as developer enthusiasm being a […]


Privacy Policy For Mobile Apps Coming

privacy policy for mobile app developers

With the many thousands of apps being developed and distributed these days, many have omitted the privacy policy aspect.
Users of these mobile apps need to feel secure that their personal details are handled with the care required.
“Internet privacy solutions provider TRUSTe is concerned that mobile apps do not have built-in privacy solutions. TRUSTe claims that […]


New Technologies In Cloud and Mobile Devices Converging

Cloud Computing

Applications driven from the “cloud” and not from the handheld device itself, otherwise referred to as mobile cloud computing, is now becoming a vital part of the business arena. With this is mind, it is time to decide if your company wants to move forward in this way, and if so, is it positioned to […]


Moblie App Development For Tablets: One for All, Not One by One

mobile apps development for tablets, mobile apps development

As the market for mobile apps increases, so does the diverse requirements of mobile apps development platforms. Mobile apps designs are getting more complicated.
Initially, the market saw the need for apps for the iPhone, and moving on to Tablets, apps were being developed for the iPad.
However, now with the release of the Amazon Kindle Fire […]


Mobile Apps Development Inspires Local Entrepreneurs

mobile apps development, mobile apps revenues

Mobile app development boosts businesses
In Australia, like Baltimore, US, mobile apps development is still in its infancy or early stages. The opportunities for growth are tremendous.
Local business owners in the web development or online tools niche are discovering ways they can get in on this hot trend. And getting in on the mobile apps development […]


Mobile App Economy Is Booming

mobile app development

News on the Mobile App Economy is that this industry is not only on the way up, but growing at an alarming rate.
With the number of smartphones, blackberry phones, iPhones and portable devices, this arena is really booming.
Despite the death of Steve Jobs, who many regard as a ‘visionary’, the release of the new iPhone […]


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