Mobile App Economy Sees China’s Usage Skyrocket

Mobile App Economy

China becomes a mobile app economy
The mobile app economy is skyrocketing across Asia and other countries, with China now being the second largest market of app users around the globe. The increase in mobile app usage in China has increased a whopping 870% in 2011, according to statistics from Flurry.

Android and iOS apps are feeding […]


Economy of Mobile Apps For Business – Short or Long Term?

Mobile Apps For Business

So many people in the internet marketing world are talking about mobile apps being the latest necessity for business, and look at the statistics and downloads from the various app stores, and you’ll see they are certainly extremely popular right now.
But think about how many ‘trends’ have been just that – things that have been […]


Mobile Apps Development Inspires Local Entrepreneurs

mobile apps development, mobile apps revenues

Mobile app development boosts businesses
In Australia, like Baltimore, US, mobile apps development is still in its infancy or early stages. The opportunities for growth are tremendous.
Local business owners in the web development or online tools niche are discovering ways they can get in on this hot trend. And getting in on the mobile apps development […]


The Economy of Mobile Apps Development

mobile apps development

Taking a look at the economy of mobile apps development, this video shares how tremendous the market is right now for developers of mobile apps.
Chris Harris – Marketing Professor, John Hopkins Carey Business School – need for mobile apps and our consumption of them is huge right now, with the popularity of the latest release […]


Mobile App Economy Is Booming

mobile app development

News on the Mobile App Economy is that this industry is not only on the way up, but growing at an alarming rate.
With the number of smartphones, blackberry phones, iPhones and portable devices, this arena is really booming.
Despite the death of Steve Jobs, who many regard as a ‘visionary’, the release of the new iPhone […]


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