Mobile Apps Business Development To Generate $150 Billion

mobile apps business development

The news in the Mobile apps business development arena, according to a market study from Mountain Lakes-based Insight Research Corp,  forecast that the use of mobile apps for business is expected to generate more than $150 billion over the next six years.
The development and use of mobile apps for business now covers such a plethora […]


Mobile App Economy Sees China’s Usage Skyrocket

Mobile App Economy

China becomes a mobile app economy
The mobile app economy is skyrocketing across Asia and other countries, with China now being the second largest market of app users around the globe. The increase in mobile app usage in China has increased a whopping 870% in 2011, according to statistics from Flurry.

Android and iOS apps are feeding […]


Privacy Policy For Mobile Apps Coming

privacy policy for mobile app developers

With the many thousands of apps being developed and distributed these days, many have omitted the privacy policy aspect.
Users of these mobile apps need to feel secure that their personal details are handled with the care required.
“Internet privacy solutions provider TRUSTe is concerned that mobile apps do not have built-in privacy solutions. TRUSTe claims that […]


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