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What are Mobile Apps?

Touchscreen smartphone with cloud of colorful application icons isolated on white background

What are Mobile Apps?

Mobile Apps or mobile applications are designed for handheld devices like smartphones, tablets, and portable computers. Mobile applications are usually available through various application distribution platforms like Google Play, Microsoft Store, Google Play, Apple’s App Store and iTunes. Mobile apps, often, are downloaded from the application distribution platforms to the target device. Although there are many advantages of using mobile applications, there are, however, three primary uses of mobile applications – the volume of information available to users, speedy delivery of data and advertising.

Mobile apps were initially created for retrieving information and improving the productivity of users such as emails, calendars, weather information, contacts and stock market information. However these days, mobile apps have ventured beyond essential services and are now offering mobile games, location-based services, order tracking services, banking, medical apps, and ticket purchases. Although many mobile apps are free to download, a few of the apps have to be purchased or are free with in-app purchase options.

The mobile app world is exploding – literally. It is generating revenue, creating a broad customer base, and providing faster and reliable access to large quantities of information. A significant portion of our interactions is happening on mobile devices. Therefore, it is natural for businesses to look at the world of mobile applications to stay competitive and relevant in this technology-enabled the world.

Companies are building and deploying mobile applications by keeping up with technological changes and innovation in the mobile market. The future of the business community, arguably, lies in developing mobile applications.

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